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M.L.A. Trading GmbH is an Austrian ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metal trading and recycling company. Despite being a recently-set up business, it has already established its presence in international markets thanks to the relentless work of our team of experts that boast a solid scrap metal background. We currently supply some of the most important end users across Europe and worldwide. We are always looking for new partners with whom a strong, long-lasting partnership can be established. Professionalism and Reliability are the company’s keywords. We carefully select our suppliers and conduct thorough quality checks on the material supplied to us so as to ensure that premium quality products as well as the highest degree of efficiency is offered to our Customers. Being aware of its capabilities and potential, M.L.A. Trading GmbH plays an important role within the ferrous and metals scrap market. New and innovative ways of doing business ensure profit optimization SERVICES Thrilled by the idea of bringing innovative, smart solutions into the market, boasting a think-out-the-box approach and eager to exceed our customers’ expectations, we strive to offer and develop an all-round service, which includes: – pre- and post-sales assistance at the Customer’s premises aimed at both pinpointing specific needs and elaborating a tailored sales plan. – facilitation services; – chemical analyses carried out by in-house or third-party laboratories; – material sampling; – handling of logistics-related matters – freight forwarding service (deliveries and collection) throughout Europe with own authorised vehicles or vehicles from trustworthy and competent national & international forwarding companies PRODUCTS AISI 304 BRIQUETTES Excellent quality product featuring a high melting yield. Its yield is comparable to that of solid scrap. Each lot we produce has its analysis. download the PDF data sheet AISI 304 COOLER AISI 304 cooler is obtained from the chipping of quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel. This is a high quality product with a melting yield of 99%. It is free of impurities. Each lot is supplied with chemistry proving its quality. AISI 304 THICKENED SCRAP This product is ideal for foundries. Its features make it particularly suitable for that kind of production. AISI 310 TURNINGS This attachment-free product is supplied with specific chemistry. Similar alloys are occasionally available. AISI 316 BRIQUETTES This item is a very good alternative to thickened scrap – their quality and yield are comparable. Our commodities are guaranteed and each batch manufactured has its own chemistry. AISI 316 THICKENED SCRAP This product is perfect for foundries as its dimensions make it especially suitable for that kind of production. AISI 430 COOLER AISI 430 cooler is obtained from the chipping of quality AISI 430 Stainless Steel. It is characterised by high density and its melting yield is 99%. It is attachment-free and each lot is supplied with chemical analyses proving its quality. DUPLEX 2205 BRIQUETTES This is a special product and it is perfect for foundries requiring high quality parameters. These briquettes have a high melting output. Ech lot is supplied ith specific chemistry, proving quality and features of our materials. DUPLEX 2205 THICKENED SCRAP Thickened scrap of small dimensions, it is ideal for medium-size furnaces. This product has a very high melting output. Each lot is supplied with specific analysis. BRICCHETTE ALLUMINIO 6082 Bricchette alluminio 6082
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SIC 5099 -
1 location in Thane, India
1 total employees
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