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Z&G Catalytic Converters Limited was registered in June 2015. We have many years of experience in precious metals buying and selling. Our company’s main focus has always been a close relationship with our clients – we believe that constructive dialogue is the way to successful cooperation. It helps us to understand the clients’ needs better and to improve our services. For the convenience of the customers we always offer flexible and quick payment, therefore they may choose payment options that suit them best. And what our clients like the most is that we are always pay top prices!Best prices paid for any of your old catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters Prices based on top UK and world markets. Flexible and quick payments Nationwide collections Our price guarantee can beat any competitors price! It is a device which chemically converts harmful exhaust gases produced by the internal combustion engine into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. The converter was first developed in the USA in order to meet strict emission reduction levels set forth by the Federal ERA and California Air Resources Board. Since 1975, vehicle manufacturers have used catalytic converters and other emission control devices to satisfy the emission reduction requirements. How are end-of-life catalytic converters recycled? Modern car scrap yards and workshops remove used catalytic converters from end-of-life vehicles. Specialized companies collect them and accumulate bigger amounts in central warehouses. The converters are de-canned; i.e. the ceramic or metallic catalyst is removed from the steel can by special cutting devices. The steel is sorted according to its quality and sold as secondary scrap to steel plants. The de-canned ceramics is then undergoing treatment process after which precious metals are extracted. Why does the purchase price of automotive catalysts is frequently changing? The main constitutive parts of a calculated price of automotive catalysts are the following: weight of a catalyst and the amount of precious metals that the catalyst contains. The price of precious metals is not stable – the fluctuation of the prices is constantly announced by London noble metals’ market. This inflicts the change on the automotive catalysts purchase price.
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1 location in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2 - 5 total employees
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