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Grandfather Alfons Nieulandt began in Aalst around 1948 horse cart old to pick up iron. In 1960 the site was opened on the Tragel. During the 70s and 80s a range of bins was also included in the business. Sanne granddaughter - my wife - is now gradually taking over from her father. " Nieulandt Recycling is a scrap yard in Aalst. The family Nieulandt has been active as scrap collector since 1948. One clear ambition: a modern, growing, leading company are in the recycling. More than sixty years of experience ensures that Nieulandt family may call themselves experts when it comes to the processing of scrap metal. The first collection round of rags and old iron just after the Second World War or the first piece of land on the Tragel in Aalst, on the retirement of CNA Containers, to move into a brand new building in Victor Bocquéstraat. Each step made Nieulandt Recycling feel more armed to face the challenges of the future. Without history, there is no future. It is therefore logical that the third generation Nieulandt with respect for traditions and family values ​​by growing in a growing world. Since the first cart of scrap metal was cut in Lebbeke hand, Old Metal Alfons Nieulandt evolved into Nieulandt Recycling, a modern trade in scrap metal annually fifteen thousand tons of scrap processed. That is not the end. The ambition is rock solid: the company wants to continue to build on the foundations laid over the years and steadily continue to grow into an increasingly important scrap dealer. IRON Nieulandt Recycling sorts, pressed and cut all your iron. Sheet Metal, heavy iron, cast iron, poutrels even chicken wire and cans you can spend on the transfer of land in the Victor Bocquéstraat. The smaller or shorter and heavier, the more interesting the price. What should you pay for a container, you can contact us at least free, but usually lost an interesting consideration. How big is compensation, it is hard to say. Therefore we are dependent on what happens in the world. NON FERROUS Aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel ... all metals that are worth more than "just" iron. The profiles of your broken porch, your copper water pipes or brass faucets, stainless steel in the kitchen, a gutter of zinc or a lead pipe, they are worth the money. For large quantities you are driving on our scale. Several tens or even slightly less kilos we weigh on a small scale. Also car batteries, electric motors and electric cables have their own rate which you'd make a detour.
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1 location in Aalst, Belgium
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Nieulandt Recycling Nv deals in:
  • 30 types of Ferrous, including Auto Cast
  • 9 types of Aluminium, including Alloy Wheels
  • 9 types of Copper, including ISRI Talk 6 more categories and 2 more materials.
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