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Vision At Global Mines and Minerals FZE, our vision is to propose our business associates the solutions they require for their business needs and to establish a substantial growth with our clientele. Values At Global Mines and Minerals FZE, We acquire our values from our rich heritage, our knowledge & expertise and the latest technology. We are directed by our proven track record and sharing of best practices in the industry. We aim at offering distinguished consultation services and to maintain a leading edge in the Global Market. Mission We aim to set a benchmark in the field of consultancy and pre shipment inspection services and to fully utilize our knowledge, experience, learning from our cultural background and creativity to build relationships that create sustainable growth pattern & value for us and our partners, in the ever changing global marketplace.
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SIC 1081 -
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1 location in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, United Arab Emirates
11 - 25 total employees
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GLOBAL MINES AND MINERALS FZE is a member of 2 industry associations and has 0 certifications.
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  • Aluminium
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