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WELCOME TO THE E-MAX E-MAX, guaranteed sustainable aluminium solutions We think, feel, live and breathe aluminium. This professionalism and passion make E-MAX a strong international player in the development and creation of aluminium solutions. In addition, sustainability in every sense is key to us. This includes, for example, the way we work in partnership with our customers. And that means you, of course. As a medium-sized business, E-MAX is proud to be part of Vaessen Industries. This enables us to keep investing in quality and reliability. Consequently, innovation is an on-going process in our business units E-MAX PROFILES and E-MAX BILLETS. A COMPETITIVE PLAYER WITHIN A STRONG GROUP E-MAX is a robust part of a strong whole: Vaessen Industries. This industrial holding company is under the management of Jos Vaessen. It yields an annual turnover of € 300 million and employs 1300 staff. This professional framework has produced a comfortable work climate. Not only does it make growth possible, but it also actively stimulates it. E-MAX itself includes the business units BILLETS and PROFILES. As a result of this, the closed loop process takes place entirely within the Group. Consequently, that synergy has the great advantage of E-MAX always knowing it can rely on the supply of raw materials. You'll find more information all about the foundation of E-MAX and its integration within Vaessen Industries on the story of E-MAX is one of enterprise, the creation of opportunities and seizing the chances that have arisen from these with both hands. It is because of this that we have now grown to become a dependable partner in the development of sustainable aluminium solutions. It all began in 1996. Three businessmen turned their dreams into reality. They started up their own company, specialising in extruded aluminium. Production began in 1997 with ten employees supplying two customers using one 2500-ton extruder press. Thanks to vigorous growth during the first few years, a second, 3500-ton press followed this. Moreover, our customer base also continued to grow. In 2001, the takeover of E-MAX by the entrepreneur Jos Vaessen gave us further options. As a result, we were able to expand our press infrastructure as well as increase our workforce to 40. At that time, E-MAX was serving some 200 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2002, owing to quality partnerships with subcontractors, the sales market was expanded further to include Germany, Austria and France. 2005 saw us occupy a brand new logistics hall. Moreover, our machinery was also expanded to include an automated packaging unit. In the interim, E-MAX was realising a turnover of approximately € 80 million. 2007 was the year in which E-MAX underwent a particularly significant development. We took over an aluminium foundry in Kerkrade that was part of ALCOA. As a result, we could be sure from then on of raw material deliveries. The first steps were taken immediately to bring about 'cross-pollination' between the two companies. In 2008, E-MAX went another stage further on the international market. We now started to supply Russia with aluminium solutions as well. 2009: The company's growth demanded additional options. E-MAX expanded its machinery still more with new packaging units, sawing machines, an automated mould storage system and more besides. Necessary investments were also made at the Kerkrade foundry. The exploitation of primary aluminium requires a great deal of energy. Moreover, it is extremely harmful to the environment. E-MAX has made a conscious decision to choose recycled aluminium. Its quality is just as high as primary aluminium. However, more than that, we also bear in mind the end of a product's life when designing it. How can we best dismantle it again? Our perspective is both an economic as well as an ecological one. This diagram shows how E-MAX applies the 'closed loop principle'. A closed loop, from cradle to cradle without our end products needing to suffer in terms of strength, quality or aesthetics.
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1 location in Kerkrade, Netherlands
201 - 1,000 total employees
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