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CO.FER.M S.p.A. was established in 1978 by Marcello Galeazzi whose intuition has always led to the company regarding stainless steel as a material of strategic importance. Over the years, continuing research and innovation has allowed CO.FER.M S.p.A. to become specialised in the sectors of the 300 and 400 series stainless steels and NI / CR / MO alloys. A large part of the company's production and sales is destined for the Thyssenkrupp Acciai Terni works located in Terni itself. Other metals, such as titanium, cobalt, high-speed steels, etc. are sent to other markets within the European Community. CO.FER.M S.p.A. is a modern and dynamic company sensitive and attentive to questions concerning the environment. To this extent, it has developed capabilities and know-how within the materials recovery sector that have enabled it to enter and play an active role in the current global market. Quality and Environment Essential conditions for achieving its goals for success are environmentally friendly and modern quality management. Ethics, human resource development, advanced technology, are the cornerstones of this administration, addressed to future generations.rivolta alle future generazioni. Services °Quotes immediate °Transportation °Laboratory analysis °Analysis alloys as well °Control radiometric °Bins loan for use Oqality Certificates: IQ Net Certifications: ISO 14001 (1) ISO 14001 (2) ISO 9001 (1) ISO 9001 (2) Certificate 333 Certificate 715 Authorization Authorization Register entry
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SIC 5093 -
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1 location in JESI , Italy
26 - 50 total employees
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CO.FER.M. SPA is a member of 1 industry associations and has 2 certifications.
1 companies rated the overall trustworthiness of CO.FER.M. SPA.
CO.FER.M. SPA deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Stainless Steel
  • Precious metals
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