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GSL Materials Recycling Sdn Bhd
We are a one stop recycling centre with with more than two decades in the scrap metal industry focusing mainly in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We are based in Malaysia with client both from local and global. GSL Materials Recycling Sdn Bhd (531554-M) started in 1993 as GSL Metals & Machineries Trading, specialise in scrap metal recycling and trading company. Located in the Balakong's Li Foong Industrial Park, GSL gradually diversify to industrial waste disposal services and re-conditioning of used construction machineries. Over the years, GSL was commissioned to reclaim used materials from numerous high-profile construction projects throughout the country. At the same time GSL 's buyers of its recycled materials include local & international from Bahrain, Iran, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. In 2004, the enterprise was incorporated as a private limited company into GSL Materials Recycling Sdn Bhd with a dedicated staff strength of more than 50 experienced staff, and latest recycling technology and disposal facilities in the country based at Balakong's yard measuring 10 acres, GSL continues to be at the forefront in the efforts to conserve our natural resources and to preserve the environment. Today, GSL Materials Recycling have evolved into a company which are not only locally engaged in recycling but also overseas. Thrusting into the future with our greatest strength in metal recycling, we have consistently position mother earth as our greatest asset in order to succeed in protecting our greatest gift of the world to our future generation.
Company information
1 location in Balakong, Malaysia
101 - 200 total employees
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GSL Materials Recycling Sdn Bhd deals in:
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Ferrous
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